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Proud to be an ActionCOACH

These testimonials from our ActionCOACH Canada franchisees, give powerful insights on being an ActionCOACH business coach.

“Having joined ActionCOACH in 2003, I found my calling; it has been an incredible very satisfying ride since then. First, it the best coach training program I have encountered as it not only makes available practical, simple and proven tools covering most aspects to make a business client successful, but it also teaches you how to coach... not a simple task as most believe."

Juan Folch ActionCOACH in Ontario, Canada 

"Becoming an ActionCoach is not about buying yourself a job, or moving to the next step in your career. When you choose to live the life of an ActionCoach you perfectly place yourself between the incredible Opportunity of owning your own coaching business - with endless earning potential - and the gratifying Responsibility to clients you coach."

Kevin Simpson ActionCOACH in Alberta, Canada 

“Two of my dreams have always been to use my personal and professional experiences to help others and to accompany passionate, authentic, inspiring and determined men and women in reaching their dreams. When I heard about ActionCOACH, I had no hesitation to dive into the adventure considering the values, the principles, the strength of the company and its system. I’m now part of an amazing community where we support and help each other like a family. " 

Catherine Davo ActionCOACH in Quebec, Canada 

“I’ve always looked for a way of having an impact on my community and giving sense to my action and my time on earth. After almost 20 years as an IT professional and Business owner, joining the ActionCOACH community, its vision and values, appears to be clearly the path I wanted to follow for the rest of my career. I’m really proud to be part of the high-experienced and skilled ActionCOACH community and to provide my clients with so much value to support their growth and help them acheive their dreams.” 

Olivier Caré ActionCOACH in Quebec, Canada

“I joined the ActionCOACH franchise team in Feb 2009, adding this certification to my 25+ years in my consulting business. Becoming an ActionCOACH franchisee provided me with additional tools and methodologies in a large repository of best practices to use with my clients. Additionally I became part of a supportive, powerful community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to helping business owners with personal and business success! My success has been hand-in-hand with those of this great community and my clients, a fulfilling success story for all!” 

Cheryl Dyck ActionCOACH in Alberta, Canada 

“The choice to join ActionCOACH was easy. It’s a world class entrepreneurial company of amazing people and systems that will truly transform your life and the life of the people in whom you coach. Throughout the years I've seen dramatic positive changes in both my clients lives and their businesses as well as my own. The choice comes down to just making an impact in life or coming aboard and truly making a dent in the universe.” 

Greg Stonehocker ActionCOACH in Alberta, Canada

“I thought about becoming my own brand in business coaching. That was before I was introduced to ActionCOACH. The tools, community and successful history made the decision to align with them an easy one and one of the best ones I have ever made. Working in such a positive environment makes achieving amazing results much easier and more rewarding.”  

Terry Lussier ActionCOACH in Ontario, Canada 

"As an ActionCOACH I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of business owners. When you can help owners make more more money, ease cash flow stress, have better functioning and engaged teams and allow them to spend more time with their families then you improve the quality of life for them. When you see this in action it provides a tremendous feeling of self-fulfillment - it meets my Big Why!"

Tony Roy ActionCOACH in Ontario, Canada 

“The culture is like no other worldwide, the systems are profit-driven for owner/managers, proven over and over again with thousands of successful examples to choose from across all industries and business types. Successes are tractable and duplicatable from one business owner (or coach) to another and there are no other franchise/companies more equip with more qualified and passionate coaches to help business grow. Period.”  

Luc Beriault ActionCOACH in Alberta, Canada 

Now It's Your Turn. 

Join the largest business coaching franchise in the world.


Congratulations On Moving To Stage 2 with ActionCOACH Canada!

Congratulations on taking the next step to learning more about ActionCOACH Canada and how we might be able to help you reach your business goals and dreams by joining our team of Franchise Owners across the country.  

We call this Stage 2 of our five stage process.  

Your log-in details are on the way, look for an email from  

In that email is a detailed pdf brochure, as promised, plus a link and log-in details to our private site.  

The link in your email has detailed information on running your own ActionCOACH Franchise, including how to get clients, how to guarantee them results (like over 800 plus ActionCOACH Coaches do across the globe), our model for investing, what a typical day in the life of a Franchise Owner looks like, how you can hire coaches that get great results, why with us is better than competing against us, how we guarantee you a six figure income, and your next steps if you like what you see and read.  

We've set it up as a "course" so you can easily track the information you've reviewed and what's left to look at.  

Once you've explored them all, if you believe you'd make a great fit, then your next step is to book a short call with me. On that call I can answer any questions you have, and I'll have a few questions to begin to see if you're a good fit for us.  

Assuming we both like what we see and hear, then you'll get access to another detailed site, our Stage 3 site  

On that site we get into all the numbers. How much you can make, what the investment is, our financing program for qualified candidates, our exclusive territories, an overview of our Discovery Day (what we call Stage 4), and much more.  

For now though, take time to review these eight content areas. Oh due to the high email spam filtering rate, expect a call from one of our team to ensure you got the log in email and password, we don’t want you to miss out.  

Happy researching.  

PS... Before You Get Started

PS You'll note our approach to awarding a franchise is rather different than most companies. We don't ``pitch, pitch, pitch``. Instead we offer details, and you let us know if you want to move to the next Stage. Our entire 5 Stage Awarding Process is designed to find a perfect fit. As a result, other than some emails to help you learn more, it's up to you to reach out if you want more details. It's in the ``Next Steps`` area inside the Stage 2 site.  

PPS And maybe one day, you'll be in the next photo like Olivier Caré of Quebec City above with Co-Founder of ActionCOACH Canada (and new Dad!), Dale Monette. Olivier was awarded his first Firm Franchise in October.

Meet Team Canada

Our mission is to help Canadian Business Coaches realize their dreams by empowering their clients to reach and exceed their personal and professional goals. We also want our Business Coaches to realize their goals of financial freedom, ultimately having control of their time to serve others while at the same time making a great income to support themselves and their families. This will allow us to fulfill the ActionCOACH goal of world abundance through business re-education.  

We’re very proud of the team of entrepreneurs and business coaches we’ve put together to support our Business Coaches across Canada.

Rajan Rakheja CEO 

Rajan is an Adjunct Professor in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to being a Physician, Rajan also founded and manages a large Real Estate Fund with Multi-Family and Commercial assets in Saskatchewan, Florida and Arizona.Rajan asks himself on a daily basis, “Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” His goal is to create an extraordinary Coaching organization under the ActionCOACH system. Rajan loves being a serial entrepreneur and building great businesses.Rajan has experience as a Physician, board member, director, CFO, and is a tremendous asset to the ActionCOACH team.

Dale Monette VP Franchise Development 

Through his entrepreneurial and professional endeavours, Dale has gained valuable experience in business and financial affairs, as well as developed his ability to lead and execute processes in team environments. Dale has a wonderful ability to manage and work alongside others, which is perhaps the greatest ability that allows him to excel in the corporate world. Dale’s mantra is to live life to the fullest, with a spirit of adventure, a thirst for challenge, and a desire to learn. The experience Dale has gained as an accountant, board member, director, and entrepreneur makes him a valuable asset to the ActionCOACH team. 

Wilko van de Kamp VP Operations 

Wilko is a bestselling author, award-winning photographer, public speaker and consultant. His vision is to inspire people to “just fly” – through travel but also in their personal and business lives. People describe him as an innovative, dynamic, personable, and tenacious professional who is always focused on practical, real-world solutions using a highly successful results-driven, integrity centered, and human approach. Wilko is our VP Operations, helping each Business Coach and Franchise Owner excel in serving and supporting their Clients across Canada.

Ash Grewal Senior Franchise Development Manager 

Ash has over 20 years experience in strategic business development and marketing at several companies. Ash's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Ash was recognized with several awards including public speaking and creative writing. Other honors include several sales excellence awards throughout his career. Ash is the President of Marketing Networks throughout Alberta and has served on several boards. He lives in Calgary with his wife and their two children. In his free time, Ash likes to race sports cars and is a thrill seeker.

We're here for you


Consider investing in one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada, business coaching. Partnering with the world’s largest business coaching franchise. 


Introducing Canada’s first franchise that guarantees a six figure income: ActionCOACH Canada.

As part of the world’s largest business coaching franchise, with over 25 years experience and tens of thousands of happy clients, we’re now expanding across Canada and looking for 46 more amazing entrepreneurs to open and run their own Business Coaching Firms.  

If you want to build a six or even a seven figure income, believe you have what it takes to mentor and support a team of business coaches, we encourage you to learn more about ActionCOACH Canada, our income guarantee, our new exclusive territories and more.  

Watch the video, then, if you like what you hear and see, opt in for a detailed brochure and instant access to a detailed website explaining this and much more.


Start Your Own Business Coaching Franchise

ActionCOACH Canada is part of the world’s number one business coaching franchise, with offices in over 72 countries.


Three Reasons to Invest in a Business Coaching Franchise

Learn more about why an ActionCOACH Franchise may be the right next step for your future.


You don’t have to be a super successful business owner with an incredible track record, in order to be able to coach business owners to grow their business. You do need a proven system of coaching that gets results.


Business owners desperately need your help. Two out of three fail in the first six years. That number is way too high, and costs thousands of people so much grief.


Business owners are willing to pay BIG MONEY for coaching. This is a massively growing field, the prospects want our help. And they want to pay for it.

Find Freedom And Fulfilment

"Becoming an ActionCoach is not about buying yourself a job, or moving to the next step in your career. When you choose to live the life of an ActionCoach you perfectly place yourself between the incredible Opportunity of owning your own coaching business - with endless earning potential - and the gratifying Responsibility to clients you coach."

Kevin Simpson, ActionCOACH in Alberta, Canada

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